Rituals for When You're Feeling All At Sea

Sometimes, with the best will in the world, we just can’t get in touch with those high vibe frequency emotions, the ones we tap into when we’re the very best versions of ourselves. Love, compassion, joy, trust, respect… We are angry, sad, heartbroken, feel let down, scared, despondent or just plain ‘meh’. At these times, the very best way to tap into the a high vibe energy is to practice compassion for yourself. 

When you’re feeling down or out of sorts, it can be difficult to think about things that might make you feel better. Sometimes, and this can be very hard to admit, feeling down has its own rewards. It can feel nice, in a weird way, to wallow in those emotions; to give ourselves permission to just give in. One of the methods that is spoken about in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the way that motivation follows action. So sometimes, you just have to force yourself to do something, even if just for five minutes, to recognise how good it feels.

So, for the days when you just can’t think what make you feel good, I’m sharing some of mine with you here. Take your pick, just promise me you’ll give one of these (or your own) a go and let me know how you got on!

  1. Go for a walk. Dress for the weather and just get out for 10 minutes. If you’ve done five minutes out, and you fancy going further, do.
  2. Play some music that makes you smile. Apps like Spotify have ready made playlists. Try typing ‘feel good’ or ‘upbeat’ into the search bar and just hit play. Play it LOUD (with headphones if you’re worried about disturbing others).
  3. Stroke a pet. Research indicates that the simple act of petting an animal can relax and reduce stress levels due to the body’s release of oxytocin, a hormone linked to emotional bonding (for both you and the pet – win win!)
  4. Take a long soak. Light candles. Take a book in. Play music. Whatever feels like it’s soothing and nurturing you.
  5. Do a face-mask. You can’t do much else while you’ve got it on, so kick back and relax for the time it takes to work. Remove it with love and care, taking your time and enjoying the process
  6. Do some yoga. Search ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ on You Tube. She has hundreds of free follow-along videos and plenty along the theme of nurturing you.
  7. Do a meditation. Take some time away from your worries and focussing on the present moment. Headspace is my preferred app, but I know others like Calm and other available meditation or mindfulness apps.
  8. Do something creative. Try drawing with your eyes closed, or without taking your pen off the paper. Perhaps draw on a stone, or use your child’s crayons. The point is not to be artistically gifted, just to try something different.
  9. Read. Read something that takes you away somewhere else.
  10. Make a list of everything that’s bugging you and burn it. Make a ritual of it, lighting a favourite candle, using nice paper or coloured pens. (be sure to have an oven-proof bowl ready to drop it in and some water on standby – just use your common sense with this one!).
  11. Reach out to a friend. Send a text or make a call.
  12. Stay off social media, unless you have a specifically curated feed that only brings joy (be honest with yourself about this one).
  13. Go to bed. Sleep can do wonders.
  14. Cook a new recipe – a great one if you find cooking soothing or engaging, not so great if it brings you out in a panic.
  15. Eat something good for you. Feel how you are honouring and nurturing your body.
  16. Do a workout, run, swim… get your heart pumping
  17. Take some time in cold water. If you are new to this, seek advice and do things gently. Cold water immersion is one of my preferred ways to feel incredible at times when I feel lousy. That and going for a walk.
  18. Paint your nails. Use bright colours.
  19. Go and get changed into clothes that make you feel good. The more colourful and/or sparkly the better. Wear jewellery and perfume too. Dress up for you.
  20. Escape with a movie. Pick one that you know makes you feel fabulous.