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What can I expect from coaching through Quiet the Hive?

You will be working with me, Jane. I am an award-winning ILM7 qualified Executive Coach and I want to work with you to help you live a life you love. For you, the focus might be on work and career, life in general, or a different specific area you’d like to explore. Whatever the topic, my aim is to provide you with the space, time and awareness you need to really deep dive into the areas you wish to develop or change. Creating space for yourself in this way is such an incredible investment and can really help you see things differently, access new solutions or explore how to make the shift you’d like to. 

There are three packages available through Quiet the Hive: Grow (1:1 coaching), Flourish (1:1 coaching PLUS a place on the Awakening Women’s Lives group programme) and Bloom (the ultimate self-care coaching package). Find out more below.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is based on the premise that the answers are already within you. My role is to help you unlock your potential through giving you the space and time to think. I’m not there to give you the solutions,  or to tell you what I think you should do, but to help you trust yourself to find your own answers, innovations and courage to address your issues and dilemmas. This means that sessions with me, give YOU the power, motivation and influence to move forward and tackle your particular issue or challenge. 

My job as your coach is to help you understand a situation more clearly; develop new thinking, ideas or approaches; and/or help you to identify the actions you want to take. I am right here alongside you to help you carve your own path.

Is coaching for me?

The best way for you to get the most out of your coaching is to be open to the possibilities that coaching can provide and to be prepared to commit to and engage fully in the coaching sessions. It’s useful to take time to think about what you want to achieve through coaching and what would be different for you as a result. Coaching can be so powerful and transformative when you’re ready to fully engage.

It can be helpful to consider the following questions when you are considering coaching. 

  • What am I trying to accomplish?
  • Why would having a coach be worthwhile?
  • What does success look like to me? (e.g. what do you want to be different by the end of the coaching relationship?)

I can help you think these through further in an exploratory conversation to help you really nail whether coaching is the right thing for you.

What can coaching give me?

There is a wealth of research highlighting the benefits of coaching. Here are some of the things that I’ve helped clients with that you could benefit from too:

  1. Helping you work out what’s holding you back and find the motivation to move forward

  2. Question old ways of thinking and challenge you to think differently and explore new options

  3. Help you tap into your strengths and manage your weaknesses

  4. Enhance your decision making, giving you an improved sense of direction and focus

  5. Identify your priorities and goals, and help you stick to them by keeping you focused and accountable

  6. Help you move out of your comfort zone to make brave choices and trust yourself

  7. Support you and boost your confidence and motivation

  8. Invest in yourself to ultimately save you time and money in the long run

Why is coaching a great investment?

Coaching is an investment, and let’s face it, it’s not a cheap option. However, coaching can lead to a huge return on investment. A Metrix Global study found that executive coaching has a 788% return on investment (ROI)For example here’s what happened for some of my clients:

  • Coaching L who after two sessions focussing on her interview technique with me had the offer of not one, but two promotions in her dream roles, allowing her to relocate to live closer to family while pursuing her career
  • Coaching R who started coaching feeling like she wanted to pursue the next step and more responsibility in her career, but left having created a plan to follow her dream career, knowing what she needed to do to finance it, the conversations she needed to have, and a plan to leave her current career
  • Coaching A who worked with me to navigate her way through a significant life change. Our sessions acted as an anchor and check in for her to create a path for her journey and stick to it. She made the changes that she’d wanted to for ten years, and celebrated with the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Coaching L who was having issues with confidence and creating boundaries at work. After her sessions, she was speaking up more at work, taking the decisions she needed to and creating more work/ life harmony for herself.
  • Coaching S who felt like she had lost her confidence and was stuck in an unhealthy work dynamic that she couldn’t see her way out of. She’s now removed herself from that toxic situation, and instead works in a team that she has a strong and healthy relationship with and is now able to acknowledge and appreciate her own unique strengths and contributions.

These clients found, not only financial reward through promotions, but enhanced confidence, peace of mind and a new lust for life. 

Many coaches will invite you to ask about the cost of their coaching packages, but I want to be upfront about my costs so you can make the right decision for you. 

Please note that payment plans are available. If you know that you would benefit from coaching, but can’t afford this investment, reduced and bespoke packages can be considered for self-funding clients – just ask.

Coaching packages can’t be purchased here on the website, as I want you to have the opportunity to make sure this is the best option for you by talking together first.

Get in touch to book a call, or send an email for more information…

How much does it cost?

Grow: Simply Excellent 1:1 Coaching

The Grow coaching package contains:

  • a 30 minute chemistry call, where we can really nail your goals and hopes for our sessions together
  • five, 90 minute sessions over a six month period, 
  • a free lifetime ticket to each annual Retrospective session 
  • a bonus optional, one-hour, one-off check in session after six months to keep you on track – to be booked by you
  • all this, plus a welcome gift to help you feel appreciated and ready to go
  • PLUS A feel-good buzz knowing that 5% of the Grow Coaching Package profits will be donated to Surfers Against Sewage via Work for Good

Investment: £2875

Flourish: 1:1 and the Group Element

For someone who wants to elements of coaching, alongside the opportunity presented by a group programme designed to help you create a life you love. With the Flourish package, you have:

  • all of the contents of Grow; PLUS
  • a place on the Awakening Women’s Lives (AWL) programme (worth £1875). This exclusive, facilitated, online, group programme takes place over a six month period. It is designed to help you work out where you are now, where you want to be, and develop a blueprint to get you there. Packed full of tools and techniques that you will use for a lifetime, the award nominated AWL programme is described as “life-changing”. Cohorts are run twice a year, and take place online. More info available via www.quietthehive.com/courses/awl 

Investment: £4495

Bloom: The Ultimate Self-Care Coaching Package

To Bloom

: a state or time of beauty, freshness, and vigor

: a state or time of high development or achievement

Bloom is my exclusive, top-tier coaching offer. It’s for you if you are ready to see significant changes in the way you approach life, with the support, accountability and challenge you need to make it happen.  It includes nurturing for your mind and soul through thoughtfully curated gifts and the knowledge that you have your own personal cheerleader for a whole twelve months. There are only THREE of these unique packages available every year.

  • Twelve, monthly 60 minute coaching sessions
  • A gift for your mind and a gift for your soul every month, including 12 books designed to help you think about things from a different framework and 12 thoughtful gifts carefully curated to lift your soul and swell your heart (and to encourage you carve out time for you)
  • A different worksheet each month that will build to give you a toolkit of approaches and techniques that you can use for life
  • WhatsApp access to Jane, plus weekly reminders from her to keep you on track and inspire you
  • a free lifetime ticket to each annual Retrospective session
  • PLUS A feel-good buzz knowing that 5% of the Bloom Coaching Package profits will be donated to Surfers Against Sewage via Work for Good

Investment: £6997

Could your employer fund your coaching?

Imagine the return on investment for your team and organisation when they invest in coaching for you.

Often, coaching in a work setting leads to increased retention, engagement and productivity, Therefore, asking work to fund your coaching is an option worth pursing.

If you’d like to explore this with your manager, but don’t know where to start, why not grab my handy ‘Invest In Me‘ guide



I tend to do most of my coaching online, but I can do in-person coaching in and around Guildford and Godalming. Walking coaching can work really well and there are lots of beautiful routes in the area. 


I have a jazzy online booking platform that you can use to find dates to suit you. You can book all your sessions in advance, or just go session by session. Once you’re signed up, I’ll send you the link and we can get going!


Life happens! If a session needs to be rearranged, either part would need to give at least 48 hours notice, but I will be as flexible as I can.


Absolutely not. This is a confidential space. The only time I might have to tell someone is if you disclose something to me that tells me there is a risk of harm either to you, or someone else, or that a law has been broken. This is standard coaching code of conduct


We will meet roughly every 4-6 weeks for Flourish and Grow, and monthly for Bloom. This will give you the chance to allow you to act on the previous session, or reflect on what we’ve discussed. 


Of course! Book a no-obligation, 30 minute discovery call. Let’s chat!

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