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Focussing on developing your staff's technical skills is great, but your employees also deserved to be invested in for the individuals they are. The complex, messy, dedicated, beautiful humans that make your company what it is. Help develop them as people, and see your retention, engagement and productivity soar.

I’m obsessed with helping people realise their potential, and I’m on a mission to ensure that the people who work with me will approach their end of days thinking “Holy Cow! What a ride!” rather than “I wish I’d been brave enough to…”. 

I help people to play bigger, make brave choices and step into their potential so that they live a life they love with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

I have spoken to a range of audiences, including an online Health & Wellbeing session for over 2.7k NHS staff, global audiences through the Pfizer Resource Global Women’s Network, and in-person for organisations like Royal London, Love Her Wild, and Cancer Research UK.

What do you offer?

I work both online and in-person and can work with you and your team or organisation in the following ways:

  • Masterclasses – engaging, interactive sessions
  • Keynote talks – designed to inspire and delight
  • Team development days – bringing new or existing teams together to create or renew their values, purpose, mission and vision and create foci for the time ahead
  • Team coaching and Action Learning Sets – creating strong, supportive spaces for development
  • 1:1 Coaching 
  • Corporate delivery of my Career Confidence Programme

Why work with me?

I am an award-winning coach, keynote speaker and facilitator, and have been inspiring and engaging large audiences for over half of my career. I consistently gets positive feedback, and have even had an offer of a job from Martha Kearney (BBC Radio 4) when interviewing her in front of an audience of over 100 for the NHS London Women’s Leaders Network!

My unique blend of humour, honesty and humility create fun, inspiring and engaging talks which keep the audience motivated and reflecting long beyond the life of the event. 

I am known for quickly building rapport and bravery in the spaces I am holding. This means that delegates are able to find their own honesty and courage, and leave feeling like real change is possible for them. When I present, I aim for longevity of impact, meaning that it’s about so much more than just an ‘on the day’ experience.

Interviewing Martha Kearney for IWD

What do you talk about?

Outlined here are some of the popular workshops or masterclasses developed and run by Quiet the Hive. These can be enhanced to include your bespoke topic requirements and are not exhaustive.

I’d love to chat with you to understand what your needs are and how I can meet them.

Popular topics include:

What is the inner critic? Why do we have it? How do we know she’s there? And most importantly, how can we learn to live with her?

In this acclaimed and popular masterclass you will learn the answers to all of these questions enabling you to leave armed with a set of tools to help you recognise your inner critic, spot the stories she tells you and know how to quieten her voice to enable you to play bigger.

It’s a riff on a classic question, but it’s a great one – what would you do EVEN IF you might fail?

For anyone who’s wished they were a little bolder, braver or more adventurous in their life (whatever that looks like for you), this masterclass explores what gets in the way of stepping out of our comfort zone, how you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and gives you time to explore what steps you are going to take towards releasing your inner bravery.

How would it feel to approach your life and your work from a place of energy?

This workshop helps you to uncover where you get your energy and when you lose it, how knowing your own rhythms can help you to find the best ways to tap into your energy and encourage you to plot your own blueprint to unlocking your energy.

Leave this workshop with tools and techniques that you can continue to use moving forward to make sure you are setting yourself up to work and live from a place from high energy.

This celebrated session acknowledges that we all have days that challenge us professionally. Here we create an interactive, safe space for colleagues to explore (and use) tools and techniques for finding pockets of joy and energy, allowing them time and space to think about what this looks like for them. 

Exploring resilience at work has become a hot topic with even more of a focus following the global pandemic and its impact on mental heatlh and wellbeing. However, too often, there is an association between resilience and being bullet proof, suggesting a ‘failure’ if we are not ‘resilient enough’

This workshop does not hold all the answers, nor does it claim to have a magic solution to finding and keeping resilience, but it helps you consider the reasons why it’s important, and how you can start to frame your own approach to it. 

Being two different people is exhausting, so why do we sometimes feel like we need to be a different person at work than we are in the rest of our life?

Explore the importance of bringing your whole self to work, including how to identify and align with your values and goals, the importance of quarterly personal reviews to stay on track and coming out of hiding to play bigger in your work place.

Would you rather be organising your sock drawer than get on with that critical piece of work? Do you find yourself overcome with a desire to colour code your bookshelf when faced with a deadline? Do you ever scroll when you should be on a roll? This masterclass is for you.

Learn about the four seperate categories of procrastination according to Quiet the Hive, and learn three techniques to move forward from each. This class leaves you with an understanding of why we procrastinate, how it can become a habit, and how to move past it.

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