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The Quiet the Hive Podcast - From Inside the Hive

Looking for inspiration? Listen to the latest episode of From Inside the Hive. Featuring brilliant female guests and musings from Jane, this contains the perfect soundtrack to your pottering, walking and running.

You can find the right here on the QtH website or on your favourite podcast platform by searching for From Inside the Hive. 

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If you’re ready for something longer form, why not choose from:

Read The Buzz from Quiet the Hive

The Buzz shares my thoughts, inspirations and learnings, from mess-ups and failures to joys and small wins, inspiring you to be braver, trust yourself and find joy and creating a life you love. Each edition comes with a spoonful of honey, something you can try out, channel or be inspired by.

I aim to post each Sunday evening so that you hit a fresh week feeling empowered and unstoppable (or at least less alone in winging it).

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Grab a Freebie!

A compilation of free resources designed to help you create a life you love, guilt free and on your own terms. Enjoy!

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Pump Up Your Plan

Are you ready to plan your best business year yet? Get the self-coaching template I use each year to plan for business success with Quiet the Hive.

Beating Procrastination

You're not lazy. You're not rubbish. You're just lacking the toolkit.

Making Brave Choices

Want to know why making brave choices is so important, what gets in our way, and how to move beyond that? Get your worksheet here.

Building Your Resilience

Get my top ten tips for building your resilience - it's everything you need to know!

How to Get Invested In (at work)

Worried about how to ask your manager to invest in your development - here's all you need to know.

How to Network (when you really don't want to!)

Networking for people who really don't want to!

Woman holding vision board

Create a Vision Board

Want to create a vision board, but have no idea where to start? Get your free guide containing all you need to know to get started!

Step into Your Control

Is your head buzzing? All sorts going on, and it just feels out of your control? I've got you; and you've got this!

Big Qus (to get to know yourself a little better)

Some big questions to make little indents into exploring who are you and what makes you tick.

Six Steps to Spring Clean Your Life

Six key steps to spring cleaning your life. Throw open the windows and let in the light.

Reframing like a Pro!

All the questions you need to ask to ditch the drama and negativity and tap into your curiosity and optimism.

Your Personal Review

Do the months slip away without you really getting the things done that you wanted to? Are you stuck doing the same things, but expecting different results? Join this FREE seven day challenge and get from confused to clear.

Looking for your programme resources?

If you are a member of Career Confidence or an Awakening Women’s Lives alumni, you can find all the resources you need here (just remember your password!). This includes all the worksheets, extra resources and reminders you need!

FOMO?  If you’d like some of this, why not join us for the Awakening Women’s Lives or Career Confidence Programmes. Find out more below…

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