The Career Confidence Programme

Did you know that my most requested workshop is on the inner critic and imposter syndrome?

The conversations I have tell me that so many of us feel like we struggle to get our voice in the room, sing our own praises, share our ideas and views, claim our right to be in that role, and believe in ourselves in our career spaces.

I feel that it is so important to help women to create and tap into a toolkit of resources they can use when they’re feeling a bit like this at work; and shall I tell you a secret? It’s not just women who are new to the career ladder, or leadership that struggle with this. We can all use a little boost of self-belief when it comes to our careers, from entry level, ‘new-to-the-workforce’ colleagues to well-established, ‘confident-on-the-outside’ top leaders.

These important skills feel just as relevant whether you are working for yourself, in the public sector, in a massive corporate or a tiny local charity. If you want to feel like you understand where some of these blockers and fears come from, and how you can move on from them, then Career Confidence is the programme for you.

How do I know if Career Confidence is Right for Me?

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do you feel like you consistently fail to advocate for yourself at your work?
  • Do you struggle to get your voice into the room?
  • Are you your own worst enemy when it comes to procrastination?
  • Are you constantly doing battle with the little voice in your head that says you don’t deserve this role, promotion, or a pay rise?
  • Do you have the potential, but just don’t know how to harness it?
  • Are you struggling to find your leadership groove?

If you can answer ‘yes’, then you need the CAREER CONFIDENCE programme.

Who is it for?

The Career Confidence Programme is for all women who feel stuck at work, who know that they have potential, but don’t know how to confidently tap into it.

You might be in, or ready for, a leadership role but need a little more self-belief to enable you to fly. You may be looking to take a step up, but self-doubt is holding you back. Or for you it might be about making the mosdt of the role you’re in.

You know, deep down, you are capable of rocking your role, and the next one, but that little voice inside can hold you back from unlocking and reaching your potential.

What do we cover on the Career Confidence Programme?

The Career Confidence Programme is an eight-part career masterclass designed to unlock and harness your potential to play bigger at work and in your career.
Consisting of eight, bite-sized workshops, we cover:

  • Communicating with Confidence
  • Creating, setting and keeping your boundaries

  • Creating and developing resilience

  • Bringing your authentic self to your role

  • Moving past imposter syndrome

  • Beating Procrastination

  • Moving out of hiding and into leaping

  • Owning and celebrating your achievements 

What's my commitment?

As with most development programmes, you get out what you put in, but I’m right here to help you do just that. Here’s the commitment I suggest to get the most from the programme:

  • Attend all eight facilitated sessions, and be fully present for them – protect an hour just for you and your career
  • Life gets in the way, if you can’t make the live sessions for some reason, make time to watch the recording
  • Committing to doing the work (some thinking, some actions) both in and between the sessions. Each session has optional ‘homework’ to help you practice what you’ve learned- a time commitment of around 30 minutes

What do I get in return?

  • The chance to increase your confidence, clarity and drive at work, tackling some of the barriers that might be holding you back
  • Eight, facilitated, hour-long, live sessions designed to support and develop you in each of the topic areas
  • Exercises and tools designed to get the best outcomes for you and support your goals
  • Access to extra resources, recommended reading and tips including recordings of all the live sessions
  • Access to an exclusive, live Q&A session with Jane
  • The option to get some extra 1:1 coaching to support your progress

What's the Investment?

There are two options for this programme.


Access to all eight masterclasses and recordings if you can’t make the live sessions, an exclusive live Q&A session with Jane, and access to additional resources, supporting exercises and tools.

Investment: £597

Use code CCDEPOSIT at check out to pay a 10% deposit to secure your place and arrange a payment plan

Alternatively, get in touch to secure your place if you’d like to pay through organisational funding (


All the UNLOCK perks, with the addition of a welcome gift and two, hour-long coaching sessions^ for you to explore your specific challenges with Jane.

Please note, there are a limited number of these packages available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Investment: £897

Use code CCDEPOSIT at checkout to pay a 10% deposit to secure your place and arrange a payment plan

Alternatively, get in touch to secure your place if you’d like to pay through organisational funding (

*Payment plans are available as four instalments to include a small administration fee

^All coaching sessions to be redeemed within six months of the start date of the programme

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