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F:Entrepreneur 2010

I am delighted to have been celebrated as an f:Entrepreneur iAlso100. I am so proud of this fantastic achievement and thrilled to share it with you.

There’s a retreat!

Join us from 16-18th October 2020 to find your awesome.

Aimed at women like you, this retreat will help you to launch your business idea into the world, enhance your current business or shift your career.

What Can Quiet the Hive Do For You?

Join the Compass. Designed for women like you, The Compass is a four week online programme aimed at reconnecting you to yourself. It’s time to put your own dreams and ambitions first again.

Join Quiet the Hive’s incredible Amazing Women Leaders Peer Mentoring Programme Create purpose, focus and direction for yourself by joining my powerful peer mentoring group, starting with six facilitated sessions, which then leads to a self-propelling group – an limited investment for a lifetime impact

Get some coaching  Qualified ILM7 Executive Coach since 2015, get 1:1 or team coaching with Founder and Director, Jane Galloway over skype or face to face.

Commission a Keynote or Workshop Workshops are available on a range of topics, and can be commissioned on a bespoke basis. Keynotes and workshops have been delivered for a range of clients including Cancer Research UK, Royal London Asset Management (RLAM), the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, London Leadership Academy, the Royal College of Physicians, and NHS Commsference.

The Vision

Quiet the Hive represents the way in which women work as a community, hold so much for so many, are independent beings who are strongest in support of each other, and how we need to quiet the hive in our mind – the constant buzz that is sometimes so tricky to manage. I aim to share ideas, hints, tips and challenges that work to inspire, energise and empower women to lead from every level, and to make space for work and life beyond.

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Who is Behind Quiet the Hive?

I am Jane, the Founder Director of Quiet the Hive. My aim is to empower people, women in particular, to lead authentically, and I energise and inspire others to do the same. I am an executive coach, and workshop facilitator. I support women to identify how they want to show up in the world, what they want, and then encourage them to go and get it. I have a demonstrable positive impact for my clients on their confidence, resilience and clarity.

Quiet the Hive was born through a desire to do more to share the skills, confidence and wisdom that it’s taken me til my forties to develop. I have a particular interest in Imposter Syndrome, being a diagnosed sufferer myself! The more I can help women to claim their space and not be afraid of performing to their best within it, the happier I am!

I am a keen runner, volunteering with This Mum Runs and will gladly show off my marathon medal given half a chance! Next challenge is a 32 mile ultra in July 2020. I have two boys who keep me very busy, and nothing makes me happier than being by the sea. Cooking is cathartic, and I like to pretend I can sew clothes!

Interviewing Radio 4’s Martha Kearney at an International Women’s Day Event

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