Awakening Women’s Lives (Payment Plan)


This is a £100 deposit to secure your place on AWL. Quiet the Hive will be in touch to confirm your preferred payment plan for the full amount. Please note that payment plans include an additional administration fee.

Please note: Until the end of November 2023, you can choose a payment plan (of 2, 4 or 6 payments) with no additional admin fees, meaning the total cost will be £1875. This will be reflected in the agreed plan.

Payment plan options are:

  • 2 x payments of £957.50 (total £1915)
  • 4 x payments of £488.75 (total £1955)
  • 6 x payments of £332.50 (total £1995)

QtH will be in touch with details of your payment plan and diary invites on receipt of payment. Please allow 48 hours for this to happen.

AWL is a six month, online, group programme and it’s for you if you are fed up of living with all the negative and demanding buzz in your head and are ready to find the nectar in amongst the demands of the hive!
It is a programme of discovery and reconnection, helping women to craft a life they love, guilt free and on their own terms.
  • It’s for women who know they want something ‘more’ or ‘other’ from their life, but just aren’t sure what.
  • It’s for women who want to make the most of their one wild and precious life.
  • It’s for women who no longer want to be held back by their inner critic and step forwards with confidence.


The Awakening Women’s Lives Programme (AWL) is designed for women who really want to lead their life from the front with intention and purpose.

This six-month peer mentoring programme is run and facilitated by Jane Galloway, Founder of Quiet the Hive. It is custom designed to get results for the women who attend, covering topics like managing your inner critic, accessing your inner mentor, we work out where you are now, where you want to get to and how to create a blueprint to get you there.

Each of the six modules is accompanied by a half-day session, a home mission and a mid-month motivator; keeping you on track and moving forward between each session.

The unique aspect of AWL is that the investment can last a lifetime, give you a tribe of women who will challenge, support and cheerlead you to success; whatever that looks like for you.


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