Working with Quiet the Hive has an impact and leads to change and positive outcomes, but don’t just take my word for it…

Amazing Women Leaders Programme (AWL)

“I have had the privilege of being part of the AWL group for a year, during which I have experienced one of my most pressurised and fantastic year of work together with probably my most traumatic personal year ever. This amazing group of women have lifted me up, supported me, challenged me and encouraged me ever step of the way. It is through this group that I have gained greater insight into who I am, what I am capable of and has given me courage I didn’t think I had. Jane’s ability to sense and lead the group to a point where we now all contribute equally has been done with skill, kindness and a good dose of humour. I cannot thank her enough for bringing this inspiring group of women together-if anyone has the opportunity to be part of one of her groups, I would jump at it!” – L – Senior Leader

“I feel truly privileged to be part of AWL, Jane has brought together a group of women who over the course of a year have become more than I ever thought possible.

It is hard to put into words what AWL means to me and the difference it has made in my life. The women in AWL are my support, my encouragement, my inspiration, they have given me courage to make bold decisions and have difficult conversations, they have coached me through interview preparation (even sending words of encouragement and reminders of the power pose just before entering the interview!), supported me to stand up for what is right, they are my cheer leaders, my critics, my coach, my confidants and my first port of call when I need a boost and have become my friends.   

Since joining AWL a year ago the group has supported me through a difficult time professionally which enabled me to tackle the situation with confidence and integrity, I have moved jobs and been able to blend my work and home life a little more effectively. The group provides the perfect balance of support and challenge and gives a safe space to discuss absolutely anything going on in our lives. I would whole heartedly recommend trying a group, it will be time well spent!” – L – Senior Manager, NHS

“We’ve now been meeting for a year and, in that time, these fantastic women have helped me grow through their challenge and support. The benefit of finding a ‘tribe’ like this is somewhere safe outside of work and other friends to give me a different kind of network. I look forward to our monthly meet ups where we each bring our own thinking and skills to help each other. Jane’s initial facilitation got us started but now we’re confident to each run sessions as we’re carry on meeting. 

We’ve now become my friends and I can’t thank Jane enough for helping bring together such an amazing group of women.” – L (there are a lot of ‘L’s’ in the first cohort – they are all different!) – Senior Leader, NHS

“AWL has been and continues to be, a place of inspiration, laughter and kindness. An oasis of non-judgement and reflection where we share the trials and tribulations of being female senior managers seeking to bring our whole selves to work. I can’t thank Jane enough for bringing us together” – E – Senior Leader, NHS

the Compass

“I am on week two and loving it already! Definitely what I need to help me form good habits to keep me on track! Thank you.”

“Thank you for pulling together such an accessible course.”

“Working my way though week one of the programme has been enlightening.”


‘I thought the session delivered by Jane last week was great; I’ve made a slide of my core desired values and am thinking about them daily, already doing things differently. Jane’s delivery was fantastic and it came at just the right time for me, thank you very much for organising it.’

‘A great session and very interactive’

‘A really inspiring session’

‘It was awesome to have an opportunity to hear these conversations with colleagues!’


Why did you want coaching?
I sought Jane out for coaching because I was ready to have a very honest chat with myself and was determined to harness my energy and drive and own my personal brand – I just needed to figure out exactly what this was and be proud of it.
What was Jane like to work with?
I could not have wanted for a better coach to take me on this journey. One of the most valuable and natural skills is that Jane is always completely present during our sessions and she brings all of her breadth & depth of experience to every session, this means I feel listened to and am committed to a full and honest discussion of where I am at. This really helped me to connect to my authentic
self. Jane also has at her finger tips all the necessary tools, tips and tricks to help me fully assess what drives me, what drains me, how I work with others and many other elements.
What impact did Jane have?
Jane has helped me to reconnect with what drives me, understand what drains me and be proud of who I am both in my professional and personal life. It has unlocked my confidence and given me purpose and reminded me of my motivations.
What’s different for you now as a result of coaching with Jane? What did you learn about yourself?
I learned that I should own my personal brand and not worry about it. I will ensure that I look for opportunities which speak to my core desired feelings. I will seize opportunities because they are right for me and not because I think I ought to take them. I will make things happen and just do it, no wavering and worrying. Watch out world!
Why should other people chose Quiet the Hive?
If you want to tap into what energises & drives you, if you want to stop that nagging doubt, if you want to own your personal brand and be the authentic you, if you want to be a strong female leader look no further than Quiet the Hive. Lynne – Senior Leader – British Heart Foundation

“For anyone looking for a coach, I really cannot recommend Jane highly enough. Jane has a friendly and positive personality which immediately put me at ease and made me feel comfortable and able to be completely open  and honest. Jane provides constructive challenge and certainly helped me to structure my thoughts, approach and next actions. Most importantly Jane believed in me and gave me the confidence to take control of my situation and move forward. Thanks to Jane’s coaching I was able to confront some challenging work situations with confidence and integrity. I gained clarity on my requirements for my next role and  ultimately Jane helped me secure a fantastic new job, I will always be grateful for her support and guidance through what was a difficult period.” – Louisa – Senior Manager, NHS

“As one who is naturally predisposed to introspection, I found the coaching exercises with Jane to be very profitable. Before these sessions, my approach to identifying personal performance related issues was somewhat haphazard. Through the application of some simple and also some novel approaches however, the coaching experience helped me analyse and understand my situation and also helped me set some clear goals to manage this effectively without compromising my values, something that is of paramount importance to me. Overall, an eye-opening, insightful and highly productive experience thanks to a brilliant coach.” – George – Senior Manager, NHS

“Jane handled our coaching relationship in a very professional manner. From the outset Jane worked with me to set the purpose, boundaries and time frame for the coaching. I have always felt that this was a confidential space that challenged my thinking with an action focus. Jane is very professional and uses the full array of coaching tools and skills in our interactions. As a trained coach who has experienced a number of coaching relationships throughout my career I believe Jane is a standout coach. Her coaching has proved invaluable in enabling me to deal with the challenges of leading a large transformational digital programme in a leading NHS Trust.” – Natasha – Senior NHS Nurse Leader