Quiet the Hive Writ Large!

And so it’s here! After a great many months of umming and ahhhing, Quiet the Hive exists in a more real format! What started as a little idea of sharing some challenges, hints, tips and advice has grown into a website, two already-booked speaking gigs and, that most grown-up of things, my own business cards!

To be honest, I am not entirely clear yet on what QtH will become or where it will lead, but I’m happy with that. There is something quite empowering about going where the energy is. For as long as QtH brings me joy, then it’s going in the right direction and doing the right thing.

Sometimes the fear of the journey or the unknown destination leads to a sort of paralysis meaning that no progress is made for fear of it being the wrong progress. Just do one small thing that will move you closer to where you think you might want to be. It’s enough for today.

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